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Compassionate Ventures Empowerment Project!

by admin on May 8, 2012

This is the Home of the Business Incubator and Community Empowerment Project, Compassionate Ventures. We have been incorporated as New Mexico Nonprofit Corporation, and are preparing paperwork to be recognized as a Federal a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization geared towards assisting low-income, and other marginalized Entrepreneurs to develop Businesses and Projects that serve Environment, Ethics, and Communities alike. It will also assist in developing related opportunities in economically distressed communities. A permanent facility is being established in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Additionally, we will be engaged in a number of different multi-modal projects to assist in community building, community empowerment, and community education, in the City of Las Cruces, and the region at large. We look to bring investment, opportunity, and assist the creation, funding, and maintenance of For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations alike. We look to also assist with bringing educational events, projects, and media campaigns to the region and nation as well.

Startup Capital is difficult for poor and otherwise marginalized Entrepreneurs to obtain. We seek to help address this issue, and advocate for a change in the way that Private Investors and Government Agencies address this issue as well. Low-Income and other marginalized individuals rarely are able to meet the rigid standards necessary to establish a line or credit, and often lack the background necessary to attract Venture Capitalists or other private funders. We seek to we seek to assist them in this area.

Rather than vilifying and criticizing those who see the Free Market as central to our society, such as Corporations, Venture Capitalists, and other components of the Free Market, we seek to cooperate with these groups in a mutually beneficial manner. It is our hope to bring the power of the Free Market to bear on the most pressing and intractable problems that we face as a nation and as a world. We do not promote any political or ideological agenda. Rather, we seek to cooperate with any and all people interested in helping themselves and others to bring about positive outcomes by leveraging the various components of the Free Market to create Jobs, Environmental Mitigation, and Social Progress. Our goal is to create positive outcomes for those we cooperate, and those we seek to serve. Creating Businesses creates opportunities.

We invite you to assist us. You can contact us here. You can make a donation here.